In this month’s issue of Clutch Magazine, DEADSTOCK BLUE’s great jeans model was published.

Among them, we would like you to pay special attention to the denim fabric of the front button fly part of the WWII model, “overlock” that rests on the fabric of the placket and take out.

This part becomes the overlock of 3 threads after the war, the model at the time of the war has been processed by two-thread overlock.
This stitch, which enters in inch pitch, was recreated by manufacturing a sewing machine at the warehouse. (Used for DSB models only)

It is a vintage war model and parts of DSB. Double thread overlock.

This is the vintage of the 1947 model and parts of the 1947 model of DD1001XX. This is an overlock of 3 threads.
And I compare the vintage of the war model and the same parts part of the DSB.

These are the tables, and when you turn them over.

The “V” stitch appears in this way. In wartime America, the “V” sentence in “VICTORY” was often used in wartime uplifting.

And the laurel button which is a famous point of the great War model, the flower language is “victory, honor”. It can be understood if the winner of the marathon is associated with a laurel that can be put on his head.

On the back of the double thread of the overlock of this war model, I think the sense of solidarity of Americans supporting the front line from the sewing factory was put.